Mar Até Cá

Mar Até Cá is a space created with great dedication and inserted in a region full of history in Marateca, Portugal.
It has the purpose of providing intense gastronomical experiences, as well as meetings between friends and family. This establishment aims to be an extension of your living room.

To understand the origin of our name, read the following legend, the legend of Marateca:

A legend tells that a portuguese knight fell in love with a beautiful moorish. This knight resided in the place that today is called Marateca.
To find her beloved, the muslim made a trip through sea and up the Sado river until she arrived at her destination.
Because she didn't speak portuguese, when asked how she got there, she answered: “Mar Até Cá” (from the sea to here)

Tea Room




This is a project born of Vânia and Duílio's great passion for the restaurant industry.

The result is a different concept that focuses on making traditional products, in a warm and familiar space for everyone.

The Tea Room opened in May 1st 2014 and on October 5th 2017 they expanded with the opening of the restaurant.